Heras Original Panels

Over fourty years ago Heras invented the first temporary fencing panel. Today we are the first choice supplier in the UK and Europe, delivering over five million metres every year.

The Heras 'Original' Panel is a wide mesh panel available in standard square top or heavy duty square top. Mix and match your panel with a choice of feet and accessories.

This type of panel is manufactured using a wide mesh and as such can only be used in areas where no members of the public are present. Internal demarcation and tree protection are the best uses of this type of panel.


  • 2000mm (H) x 3500mm (W).
  • Galvanised finish as standard.
  • Other colours available.


  • Standard plastic feet.
  • RFX corner plates.
  • Standard coupler.
  • A full range of pedestrian and vehicle gates are available.
Heras Original panel

Wind Loading

As specialists we can now calculate wind resistance for each specific site. Call our National Control Centre 0844 472 0011 or Wind Loading Expert Paul Stevenson 07748 073991 for details.

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